Sticky beak into the studio and home of Exterior Imports (Natalie Asseraf)…..

Natalie Asseraf runs a fashion studio from home.  Exterior Imports is essentially a private shopping space that offers a selection of beautiful imported clothing. Natalie has created a space that allows women to shop in an honest and welcoming environment.  Trust me, I have tried it out!

When visiting Exterior Imports I have also had the pleasure of walking through Natalie’s home which of course caught my eye.  Natalie has a mixture of classic and quirky pieces in her home that create a relaxed vibe.  Thanks Natalie for allowing me to photograph your studio and home.

exterior studio

exterior shelf

Favourite room in your house, and why:

I love my study, it is a sanctuary for me to do my work in, it has a calm feel and a space for me to hideaway and get creative.

 3 words to describe your interior style:

Eclectic, colourful and quirky

 3 top homewares/furniture stores to visit in Melbourne:

Fenton & Fenton



What are you most proud of in your home?

I am most proud of the overall interior look and feel, I have managed to create a warm and welcoming environment featuring all my colourful and eclectic pieces that tie in together with an effortless effect.

 What will be your next purchase for your home?

A new piece of art for my bedroom

 Name two items you should never skimp on in your home:

Bed linen, towels

Messy or neat? Neat, very neat

 Best design/decorating tip you could give our readers: 

I approach the way in which I decorate my house in the same way that I dress my clients, stay true to your own aesthetic but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries with highlight pieces that pick up on current trends, colours or design.

extrior sideboard


exterior study

exterior wall

To book an appointment with Natalie in her studio, email  You can also see her beautiful website at


What came first? The chicken or the egg? Whatever the answer, there is no doubt of the major connection between interior design and fashion trends.  Great for me because I love them both!!!!!!! Here’s an example:



source unknown

tie dye cushion

Aura by Tracy Ellis

tie dye3

from House Beautiful

tie dye 4

via uionline

tie dye6

Found on Etc blog, photo by Helt Enkelt

tie dye8

via (not available anymore, sorry!)

tie dye9

Found on

tie dye10

found on

tie dye11

found on vtwonen



designed by Emily Summers in conjunction with buildingstudio architect Coleman Coker


Image Source:}this4

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel via SMITTENSTUDIOSONLINE


found on


Architect: Vicent Van Duysen Photography: Stijn Rolies, via arkpad


styling by Louise at Guts, for Eco Wallpapers


Rich Shades of Turquoise at Francois Gilles Moroccan Home via House of Turquoise




found on