I’m not going to pretend that when I saw an email from Claire Bradley (Editor of Inside Out Magazine) in my inbox, my heart didn’t skip a beat.  Inside Out Magazine has always been a favourite of mine and the invitation to join their Open House along with 4 other bloggers was incredibly exciting.  Not to mention the fact that Rebecca Judd (of Rebecca Judd Loves) was there too, offering her expert advice and opinion regarding the house.

The event was a collaboration between Inside Out and Bugaboo and allowed us to have a sneak peek around the home of Matt and Lauren.  Their home will be featured in the May issue of Inside Out that is on sale today.

Matt and Lauren’s home is not just any home! It is spectacular – and I have seen many beautiful homes.  Matt runs Built By Wilson, a company that specialises in architectural homes, and Lauren, a lawyer, is helping out while she is on maternity leave.  It’s hard to believe that Lauren isn’t in the interior design business as her attention to detail and ability to create warm, beautiful rooms is immaculate.  Lauren told me that she prefers to layer a room over time and mixes high end pieces along with more budget-friendly items.


This 1930s Californian bungalow in Victoria’s Newtown, received a loving renovation that included an extra level added as well as an extension.  With beautiful oak flooring, extensive cabinetry, a picturesque garden and a kitchen that would be a dream to cook in, this really is a perfect family home.

The limited edition Bugaboo Bee3 + Van Gogh collection stroller is pictured below in the beautiful kitchen. Lightly ‘Godfrey’ copper lamps hang over the Boss Architectural ‘Ciment’ concrete benchtop.  The second kitchen benchtop in Carrara marble overlooks a splashback window filled with greenery provided via Jamie Durie ‘Vertical Garenwall’ blankets.




Rebecca Judd can be seen sitting here in the impressive toy room.  We were all blown away by the Bolon carpet tiles which Lauren has assured us are completely kid-friendly.  Lauren says that her and Matt have been known to fall asleep on this beautiful bench seat while the kids are playing – sounds like a great idea to me!



With three children, Lauren and Matt have created funky, yet practical kids’ bedrooms.  The room above features an Ikea cot and sideboard from Milkcart.  Lauren’s flair for creating impeccably styled rooms without looking over styled, can be seen here.



Lauren bought the pink chair above as a gift for her husband.  She has created a beautiful corner in this room, in front of a huge sliding door between the living area and play room.

A huge thank you goes out to Lauren and Matt Wilson for opening their home.  It was such a pleasure to meet Claire Bradley, Editor-in-chief, Market Editor Joseph Gardner, as well as Rebecca Judd who took us on the ‘tour’ of this beautiful home.

That Summer-Time Feeling

It’s been so long since I have blogged and who can believe it’s my kids’ last day of school before Summer break.  I felt the urge to blog today about things that conjure up Summer.   The words that come to mind for me are sand, sea, cousins, green boat shed, sand banks, birthday celebrations and day light savings.  But as usual, it’s pictures that really evoke that feeling for me.  Let me know what Summer means for you…..



via styleathome.com


Christopher Polly architect, via archdaily



via perfecthideaways


via oldhouseonline, photographer: Randy O’Rourke


photography: Stephen Busken, via cushion and nooks


photographed by manuel gomes da costa for elle decor espana


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via myidealhome


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Add some spring to your home – part 1

Spring is here.  It’s not just that the calendar says so – I can also feel it.  The sun is shining through the clouds, the flowers are starting to bloom – and my son’s hey fever has gone crazy! It makes me want to move out all those earthy colour throws and cushions, and bring in some pastels.  But I won’t keep them too far, because it could be raining again tomorrow!


spring3via country road

spring4photo: Drew Kelly, via DomaineHome

spring5Kim Timmerman Design

spring7via Vintage Revivals

spring8via Johanna Vintage

spring9Interior Stylist: Charlotte Love, via 91 Magazine

spring9via 101woonideeen

I hope these inspiring images have given you the itch to redecorate. Next time I’ll show you some great products that are out at the moment that will help you reinvent your room – and add some ‘SPRING’ to your home.

Etsy Discovery

If you are looking for anything crafty or original for your home try Etsy!, But this advice comes with a warinng – you may get stuck on this site. And I dare you not to buy anything!!!!









World of style, by Porter Davis




Originally open only to those building a Porter Davis home, World of Style has now become open to the public.  When my friend and interior designer called me and asked if I wanted to join, I didn’t really know what to have in mind.  We took a trip to South Melbourne today to find out.  We found a large space cleverly designed to showcase many products and finishes available when building, as well as a cool cafe.  The kids room set up with little computers and tables to entertain the kids was also a standout.

Let me know what you visit. (All photos taken on my iPhone).









Did you say vignette?

There is so much talk lately about ‘vignettes’.  It’s like the buzz word going round.  I even heard someone call it a ‘vinegarette’ recently by mistake!

So what is a vignette, anyway? In terms of interior design, it basically means displaying  groups of objects around your home that are pleasing to the eye and tell a story.

Take a look at these vignettes below and you will see some common threads/rules:

1. Objects are placed in odd numbers

2. Objects are of differing heights – I’ve read that they should look like the NYC skyline.

3. Different textures should be used

4. Items should be placed at different depths – ie. not in a straight line.

5. The display shouldn’t look the same from left to right

vignette2via the design chaser

vignette3via mokkasin

vignette4available via etsy

vignette5photography: Prue Rusco, styling: Claire Delmar, via Homelife

vignette6 via Lotta Agaton


via homeanddelicious.com

Having said all that, just remember that RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN!