i’ll let you in on a DIY secret……

I’ll let you in on a secret……I am hopeless at DIY! (Do it yourself)  I swoon over beautiful rooms, spend hours moving objects around so that they look perfect, could spend days shopping for homewares and furniture.  But when it comes to actually making things – not so good!!! I look at beautiful DIY projects and am in awe of the patience and skill of some amazingly talented people.  So I’ve put together a few examples for you below.  Click through on the links and you will see the instructions.  Let me know if you have attempted any of your own projects – would love to hear about it!!!! (Oh and by the way, my husband is just as bad as me, so between the two of us there’s a lot of procrastination when it comes to fixing things in our home!!!!)

short and sweetPhotos: Sarah Rhodes and Josh Rhodes, via A Beautiful Mess


photography: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes, via A Beautiful Mess

sweet3via everythingemilyblog

sweet4found on felizhome.bigcartel.com


via designlovefest.com

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